Three months since the Beirut Port explosion, Bvlgari and Save the Children launch the B for Beirut initiative, an ambitious fundraising project to help sustain Save the Children’s Education in Emergency intervention to provide education and socio-emotional learning opportunities to most vulnerable children and youths in Lebanon.

23 friends of the brand embracing the cause joined Bvlgari and Save the Children Lebanon in a call to action to sustain the B for Beirut project.


Image aseel omran
Image aimee sayah
Image wissam breidy + rym saidi
Image diala makki
Image alanoud badr
Image mahira abdelaziz
Image rosemin manji
Image mthayel al ali
Image karen wazen
Image zaynab el helw
Image leena kaziz
Image maram zbaeda
Image hassan akhras
Image nadya hassan
Image dana malhas
Image elias el indari
Image deema al asadi
Image natalya kanj
Image reem kanj
Image tamara farra
Image lea makhoul
Image louise nichol

Three months after the explosion that shook Beirut, Bvlgari launches a fundraising initiative to sustain Save the Children's Education in Emergency intervention in Lebanon.

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